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Health and Safety

Certified by CITB and CISRS.

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Scaffolding Services in King's Lynn

At B & D Scaffolding, the safety of our clients, employees and the public is paramount. We adhere to the highest health and safety standards in the scaffolding industry. Our trained professionals take every precaution to create a secure work environment, conducting regular inspections and ensuring all safety protocols are followed diligently.

Image by Paul Becker

Industrial Scaffolding Services

  • Safety-Compliant Scaffolding Services

  • Regular Safety Inspections

  • Fall Protection Systems

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Emergency Response and Rescue Planning

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Industrial Projects

  • Prioritising Health and Safety in Every Project

  • Trained and Experienced Safety-Focused Team

  • Rigorous Inspections and Safety Checks

  • Adherence to Industry Regulations and Best Practices

  • Trust Us for Secure and Compliant Scaffolding Services

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We are trained in PASMA standards for quality assurance.

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